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How and When to Hire a Copier

Facilities for hire a copier is freely available from most suppliers of copier equipment. Hire agreements may have a base rental amount, which will be increased on a rate per page copied over a period of a month, i.e. on volume copied over a period. There are various contracts on offer and you need to shop about for or negotiate the best contract for your situation.

Hire a copier is often the better option, rather than purchasing a copier, from a number of points of view: it clearly doesn't require any capital outlay, it normally includes a service contract, the contract is for a fixed period, but (importantly) may allow for an upgrade path, if it is required, and it is clearly off balance sheet finance and part of operational costs. It may further allow for 'wheel in' and wheel out' options, meaning it could seamlessly allow for model replacement with an adjustment in the rental amount without any penalties.

The decision to hire a copier taken, you still need to determine the supplier and the model or type of a copier to be installed. The best way to go is to consider all of the well known brand names as a possible supplier and conclude a short list of three based on information available on such things as product reliability, conditions of service agreements, associated costs and overall public perception of the vendor. The more known (and well advertised vendors) are there for a reason and hardware, these days, is very much on par between competitors, due to the competitive nature of the industry. Having decided on the three top vendors, in your opinion, invite them to conduct a need analysis of your organisation, resulting in a proposal on their findings with recommendations and a quote. Talk to their respective users; attend a demonstration of the equipment, preferably demonstrating your own application and decide on the supplier. It is always a good idea to have a good relationship with the salesperson of the chosen supplier as well as the service department and its people. It is simply a matter of forming a 'business partnership' rather than maintaining a pure commercial relationship.