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Availability of Small Business Copier Hire

Small business copier hire is available as a rental or a charge per copy made, depending on the supplier, and maintenance contracts could form part of such transaction.

It is important to identify expected volumes and the nature of the copying applications in order to be able to select the appropriate small business copier hire contract. A small business may not necessarily have low volume copier requirements, nor may it necessarily require simple copier applications. The normal reaction to a small business copier hire contract would be of a simple table model without any special features. What about a small office copying things like architect's plans, or engineering drawings or high quality colour copying for the purposes of artists, or other businesses?

It is conceivable that a small business specialising in copier services, may even require more than one type of copier to satisfy the market it trades in. A small business may set it up to act as a copier bureau, meaning it would perform copier functions on behalf of clients for a fee. A small business copier hire contract would be ideal for such circumstances, and it is even feasible today to employ so called network copiers. This means that a client could via the internet send a document directly to the copier in the bureau to copy a document. The nature of the requirements of the customers of a copying bureau will determine the nature of the required small business copier hire.

For the small business functioning as a trading company or small manufacturer or a similar type of operation, a small business copier hire, would mostly be for the copying of documents for own use or the odd invoice or statement to be copied for a customer, although the volumes may be of a different extent from business to business. A multifunction copier, which can also act as printer, fax and scanner, may be the ideal machine to consider, bearing in mind that the majority of such machines are low volume machines. So, depending on the control measures of filing one or more of such machines may be the answer to a small business copier hire option.