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Hire Copier Machines Johannesburg

South Africa, being an important market for copier machines, is richly endowed with distributors of such machines, including all of the famous international brands. The availability of hire copier machines Johannesburg is therefore plentiful.

The decision of hiring equipment, as opposed to outright purchase of such equipment is often an operational decision, but in the case of hire copier machines Johannesburg, some suppliers provide an additional benefit to hiring of copiers. Such option is to pay for usage of the copier expressed as a cost per sheet, of copies made. Clearly there is a minimum charge and the suppliers will only supply the machine model that will suffice for the volumes at hand. Should you, for whatever reason, decide to have a faster or more sophisticated model, you will need to enter into a full hire contract for such equipment. The obvious advantages of hire copier machines Johannesburg, are that the transaction is off balance sheet, negating the need to clutter the balance sheet with noncore assets and that you only pay for that, which you consume. Maintenance of the copier is often included in the cost per copy method of calculating the cost of the copier.

Hire copier machines Johannesburg is a popular way of financing the acquisition of such machines and therefore the distributors of most of the big brands will offer such facility. Depending on the contract and the period thereof, most suppliers will allow upgrades to the equipment should such a need arise. A maintenance contract providing for regular servicing of the equipment, but also including any call out services is normally included in the hire contract. This, then, all together makes for an attractive package in the employment of office photocopiers. Photocopiers of all descriptions are available on such schemes, ranging from the simple to very sophisticated machines. Copier machines can apart from copy printed pages or images, also perform duplex copying, sorting and collating multiple page documents, provide user statistics and authorizing control, to a running total of copies made and in some instances an indicator for a service requirement.