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Duplicators, Copiers: Is There A Difference?

You may have heard of duplicators and you will most likely have seen copiers. What you may not know is that they are two very different kinds of machines. Here is a look at them.

The first difference is how they actually make copies of documents. A copier works in a similar manner to a printer. It takes a digital picture of what you want to copy and then uses a print head and heat set ink to reproduce the original document. Duplicators make use of templates to make copies. The internal scanner reads the item you want to copy and then creates a template on a resin coated cylinder. Ink is then forced through the cylinder and the template onto the paper that is being used to make a copy.

The next big difference is the speed of the machines. Duplicators tend to be a lot faster than copiers. You should be able to print at a speed of approximately a hundred and thirty five pages a minute, if not faster, with duplicators. Copiers are a lot slower and can only manage twenty to sixty copies a minute, depending on the copier that you have in your office. The difference is mainly due to the kind of ink that is used in duplicators. It is dry almost as soon as it touches the paper while copier ink tends to take a little while longer and can still be smudged as it comes out the other end of the copier.

This is why duplicators are often used in schools where large numbers of copies of things need to be done on a daily basis. It often costs less and takes less time than if you were to do the same number of copies on a copier machine instead of a duplicator.

So, yes, there is indeed a rather significant difference between duplicators and copiers. They work at different speeds and use different technology to produce the copies. The ink that they use is different in that it takes longer for copier copies to dry than duplicator copies. They also have different costs associated with printing the copies.