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Don't Let Copier Sales People Confuse You With Sales Talk

Copy machines are nowadays as part of our daily lives as printers, laptops and cell phones It's quite an eye opener to realize that the first automated plain paper copier was introduced as early as 1959 while non automated versions were around even before that That just goes to show that the copier has been and will always be an integral part of a successful business setup and the increasing number of copier sales confirms this.

If you are opting for buying a copier rather than leasing it, you have to make sure that you invest in the best copier for your needs and not allow yourself to be influenced by clever copier sales talks Remember that your copier still needs to be serviced on a regular basis. Naturally different types of copiers will require different services at different costs - make sure to investigate this before investing in a copier.

The type of copier you need to invest in will also be influenced by the type of industry you work in and the subsequent type of copies that you will require. For example, will you need to make a copy or two once or twice a week or will you need to copy large quantities on a regular basis? Do you require a colour copier or a black and white copier? And what paper size must the copier be able to accommodate?

Another important thing to ask your copier sales representative is if the copier has a warranty and which parts will be covered as part of the warranty. Copiers are complex pieces of equipment and at one time or another from the basic parts to the larger components will need to be repaired or replaced. If the copier does not have an associated warranty you might want to continue shopping.

The complexity of the copier you require will play a substantial role on the pricing of the copier. Some copiers have added functionality such as duplexing, stapling, collating and enlarging. Make sure to analyze your specific needs and requirements before investing in the best copier for your home or office.