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A Wide Variety of Printers for Sale

There are a wide variety of printers for sale, the only challenge you might face is deciding which of these printers will be the perfect fit for you. There are 3 basic types of printers which are found on the market. The most common of those printers being ink jet printers. You can easily find these printers for sale, as they are mass produced and are most commonly bought for home usage.

Ink jet printers

Ink jet printers are cheaper to buy and cheaper to maintain. These printers are perfect for printing word documents and images, however if you are planning on printing lots of pictures you may want to try another type of printer, as colour cartridges are expensive and printing pictures uses a lot of ink.

Laser printers

Laser printers are a better option for those who need to have high quality prints done on a regular basis. Laser printers are more expensive than ink jet printers and even if you find these kinds of printers for sale, they can still be pricey. However, even though the initial costs are higher, you save in the long run, as it uses less ink and toner. Another advantage of buying a laser printer is that the printing speed is much higher.

Photo printers

If you are looking for the highest possible quality pictures, then your best choice would be to buy a photo printer. Photo printers can be either inkjet printers or laser printers, but what makes them different is the technology specifically developed to deliver the best photo prints.

All in one

The all in one variety of printers are the biggest sellers of them all. People save money and space when buying a machine which has a printer, fax and copier rolled into one. This type of printer is perfect for the home office or smaller sized offices. Whereas before these machines would not allow you to have the best level of functionality as independent machines, now they have been advanced so much that the quality of all functions are superb. Printers for sale are everywhere Choose one which works best for you.