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Stick to Your Budget When Buying a Home Printer Machine

Choosing the best home printer machine can be just as daunting as choosing the best machine for a busy office environment There are so many factors that need to be considered and many individuals therefore find such a purchase to be quite overwhelming By taking a closer look at your specific needs and requirements, and having a basic understanding of what to look out for, your printer buying expedition can in fact be painless and effortless

First of all, decide how much you want to spend. This does not mean that you must base your decision purely on price, but you have to decide on a maximum budget and stick to it. As with all things in live we often want bigger, better, faster and more expensive and when it comes to purchasing a home printer machine, the principle is exactly the same When you have a specified budget you can immediately divide printers in a "can afford" and "look the other way" group.

Keep in mind that printer technology changes quite quickly. The average rule of thumb for a home printer machine is that you should buy a printer that will perform efficiently for the next two to three years (or four to five years when investing in a high quality business printer). In other words, investing in the most expensive printer you can find with the ultimate goal to use the printer for the next 25 years, might not be the most logical approach.

Another consideration on the subject of price is the cost of the printer ink. In some instances these cartridges might end up costing you more than the printer itself. Make sure to enquire about ink refill prices and the availability of such cartridges.

Naturally, black and white printers are (usually) less expensive than colour printers. If you are buying a printer to print the odd quotation or letter, a black and white printer should be more than adequate. If however, you want to print brochures and pamphlets for your home business, a colour printer will make more sense.

With a bit of research and planning you should have no problem finding a home printer machine that suits both your requirements and your budget.