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Finding a cost effective printer online

Buying a cost effective printer online is reasonably simple, provided you are sure of two issues, i.e. what does cost effective mean, and which printer is the right one for the job and cost effective as well in doing the planned job? To be cost effective, a printer needs to be economically worthwhile in terms of what is achieved for the amount of money spent. This means that you need to buy a cost effective printer online that is suited to the job in hand. So, the first thing to do is define the job you want done by a printer, and then secondly, search for a printer with the right features to do the job within a reasonable price range. For the purpose of this article we will assume you will be looking to buy a cost effective printer online as a peripheral to your PC, and not an office application. There are essentially three types of printers available depending on the application, i.e. inkjet printers, laser printers and photo quality printers. In addition there are multi-purpose printers offering scanning, copying and faxing in addition to printing. Inkjet printers are cheaper to buy, but their running costs are high. If you are going to do a lot of printing you are going to buy a lot of expensive cartridges. These devices are also slow, particularly in colour mode. Laser printers are more expensive to buy but cheaper to run and the cost per page print is +- 30% of that of an inkjet printer. Photo quality printers offer superb quality, but are very expensive to run and would be cost ineffective to print text or graphics. You will gleam from the above that printers are pretty much dedicated to single quality and speed printing applications and you need to be pretty sure in what you need a printer for. Once that is determined you can compare purchase prices and running costs of various printers to determine the cost effectiveness of any printer. It sometimes is totally feasible to have two printers. If you as an example do reasonably high volume colour printing it may well be cost effective to buy a colour laser printer, while buying a photo quality printer for your hobby so you can print directly from a digital camera or from a memory card.