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A Checklist to Follow Before You Order a Copier Online

It is easy to order a copier online, you merely need to sign onto the internet and search for "copier deals" or "buy a copier" and you will quickly find many organisation that can assist you in your purchase requirements.

When you're ready to order a copier online, it would indicate that you have done your homework and you know exactly what you want. I.e., you know your office requirements based on the functionality you need and the way the copier has to interface or integrate into the office functionality. This is important because price is not the only differentiator between brands of copiers or even between models of the same brand. There are a number of other factors to take into account before you order a copier online.

The most basic requirement would be the copy speed of the copier. This is expressed as the number of pages produced per minute - a copy speed of 25-40 pages per minute would suffice for a small to medium size office not exceeding 12 people. The copy speed also correlates to copy volume because the faster the copying function the greater the copy volume will be. Is the copier to stand alone or is it to be integrated into an office network? Low cost copiers will almost certainly not be able to link to your network. Which features of the device will be utilized in a networked fashion as some copiers are multi-functional and can handle scanning and fax facilities as well.

You need to choose a well known manufacturer when you order a copier online to ensure a reliable after sales service. Acquaint yourself with the options available in a maintenance contract. What are the purchasing options open to you? Can the device be hired, leased or only be bought outright? You need to ensure that the device you wish to buy is compatible with the network. Lastly, consider the price; it is an important factor to take into account, and to relate to the perceived benefits of a copier. If all of the above has been verified then order a copier online.