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What to Look for in Copier Specials Johannesburg

I bet your bosses decided last year to have a "paperless" office - and, I can imagine that this has not quite gone according to plan? You are still copying endless documents, and you now have to find a new copier because the one you have is just too old. Luckily copier specials Johannesburg have advertised their special prices of copier machines just in time for you to start browsing through their catalogue.
For someone who is experienced in using copiers, you no doubt have a list of the new functions and abilities that your new copier must have. copier specials Johannesburg have a big variety from which you can choose. We all have our own thoughts about the 'ideal' copier, but you will find that copier specials Johannesburg will definitely have the exact copier you want.
While you are browsing through their selection, here are a few 'must haves' when looking for the perfect copier:
The speed of copying: everybody seems to want their copying done at the speed of light This information will be in the little sales talk next to the advert of the copier as it is a big selling point - he more copies per minute, the quicker you can get your work done.
Computer Link-up: this feature turns your simple office copier into a space-age machine that can print, copy, fax and scan - known as a multifunctional device. The most important thing is that it will be able to work alongside your computer system, so check that out before you buy.
Warranty: here you want to be very careful. Some copiers offer what is called a 'manufacturer's 90-day warranty', which should immediately alert you to the fact that 4 months down the line, things will no doubt start to go wrong. Look for a copier that has more confidence and which has a one year guarantee.
Other important things to consider would be the price - however a lot of companies now have rental contracts for their equipment, so it costs them nothing when it breaks down. Also go with a trusted manufacturer. It is not really a good idea to gamble on a new player in the market when you don't know much about them. So, before you go out to view the copiers, arm yourself with this knowledge, be smart and be sure if what you want.