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How to Order Printing Machines Online

Before deciding to order printing machines online, it is important to consider its use. The use of the machine, will to a large degree also determine the printing media.

There are various different printers, which use different ink mechanisms to print. These mechanisms are also of varying cost and output capacity. Many printers are of the ink jet variety, where ink cartridges are used for printing purposes. There are two cartridges per printer, one for colour (containing three colours) and another for black and white printing. Other printers, like laser printers, use toner cartridges and print at much higher speed than impact printers. Essentially an image is taken of the object to be printed and then re-produced at high speed, through a process of direct contact and heat. Matrix printers use a print head that prints on impact through a printer ribbon, transferring ink characters onto paper. So, before you order printing machines online, you need to understand the application range of each type of computer and take into account the cost of consumables for your application, apart from the cost of the printer.

Printing remains an expensive part of the home office or small business. Large scale printing tends to be more cost effective. The cost of two cartridges for an ink jet printer can almost outstrip the original cost of the printer, and in the case of laser printers, especially colour laser printers, the toner and replacement drum is pretty expensive. Some printers have duplexing abilities, i.e. the ability to print on both sides of a sheet of paper so depending on the application can save costs on paper usage. Printers, like photo printers, can deliver very good print quality but the cost of their cartridges renders them far too expensive to be used as a general printer.

As long as you know exactly what the printer will be used for, and what the costs of consumables in particular are, compared to expected print volumes, go ahead to order printing machines on line. If you, however, have any doubts, discuss your needs and requirements with a reputable supplier before you order printing machines online.