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Deciding on Photocopier Suppliers

Deciding on photocopier suppliers is a bit like deciding on which person to marry - given all expected features are evident in all potential partners, it's really a bit of an emotive decision, based on knowledge, brand, and service expectations.

There are many photocopier suppliers, both from a brand view point (main supplier) as well as a proliferation of agencies of such brands. Given that all well known brands of photocopiers are much alike from a product and service point of view, deciding on any photocopier suppliers, is not a simple matter and is often influenced by such factors as previous exposure to any given brand or specific supplier, a trust in such brand, being acquainted with some person attached to a brand and so on. In other words, the choice of any photocopier suppliers is often a bit subjective.

Given the fact that one may be buying a simple photo copier for home use, the choice of photocopier suppliers is really a rather simple matter. Any of the large retail distributors of computer equipment will suffice as a supplier and they will be able to give you best advice on brand and model to suit your requirements.

When it comes to selecting photocopier suppliers for office use, the selection parameters are by necessity somewhat different, because of a different set of circumstances involving costs, functionality and serviceability factors as well as networking and maybe either a single large volume machine or a number of smaller machines. In such circumstances one needs to follow a formal approach of a RFQ (request for quote) or maybe even a tender procedure. In such circumstances personal preferences should not play a role and a pre determined list of selection criteria should be established and strictly adhered to in any selection of photocopier suppliers. Some selection criteria of photocopier suppliers may include issues like:

The brand history in your industry or environment, the number of users, references to users, service aspects of the product, age of the product, any applicable product features, cost performance issues, networking capabilities, capacity and volume considerations, price and others. Such a product needs to last for at least 5 years (the tax write-off period) and be serviceable through the entire period.