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How to Obtain an Office Printer Price

The internet will allow you to obtain comparative office printer price, and you could phone the distributors direct - phone numbers are obtainable by looking up the brand in your local phone directory. Such step, however, should be the last in a series of steps.

In any one printer brand there are probably more than 20-30 different printers available. With at least six major brands represented in this country that means that you could want a price on any of 180 printers available on the local market, or a combination of them. So, where do you start? Which office printer price do you compare and decide on? You start by understanding your printing needs and then matching those to printer capabilities. Printers, today, are available for under R1000, but such printer won't suffice if you are working on your master's degree thesis and needs to print sections of that from time to time and then also expect the printer to be able to perform double sided printing and ultimately print all of the completed 800 pages 14 times.

If you are running an office the task is even a bit more daunting on deciding which printer will do the job at hand. You need to first consider the printing volume that you will require to be printed. Printers are rated to the volume of printing they can perform expressed in pages printed per minute. If you have say 20 PC's running in the office and each requires printing tasks of 100 pages per day, you could be looking for any of two printing solutions, i.e. 20 printers, each capable of such printing output, or one printer able to handle 2000 pages per day. But in order to make the decision, you also need to know the peak volumes. Do these PC users release all 100 pages simultaneously or what is the average release rate? Clearly, if the entire printing requirement, for some obscure reason, demands a sudden release of a volume of 2000 pages, to be printed in one single printing burst, the entire picture changes and you need to start thinking again.

The above may be a bit of a silly example, but it clearly illustrates the need for you to know what you require before obtaining an office printer price.