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What to Look for in Hire Photocopiers

To hire photocopiers is a relatively simple procedure - to decide on which photocopier to hire, however, is a rather more complex issue.

The type and the model within a product offering of hire photocopiers will depend on your office requirements for such a device. You, in the first instance, therefore, need to do a need analysis of the requirements of your office in the use and application of a photocopier. Questions such as: What volume of documentation will be copied and what would the maximum number of copies be per session? What are the anticipated peak volumes and when are they likely to occur as well how often they are likely to occur? What would the cycles be in reaching peak volumes? Will multiple page documents be copied, and would the documents need to be collated? What are the size(s) of the documents to be copied? Will documents always contain loose copies? Are you to copy in black and white only, or will colour copying be required as well? What quality of copying do you require? Will documents be hand fed or via an automatic feeder? Is the machine to be linked into a computer network or will it be free standing?

Is the brand that you are thinking of hiring an accepted and well known brand? Are you making a hiring decision mainly on price, or are you also taking into account and thoroughly considering the overall benefits of the deal? Have you considered the essential functionality, features and benefits of the machine? Hire photocopiers should always include a service contract, and you need to acquaint yourself of the terms and conditions of such contract. If you are involved in daily high volume copying or are reliant on the copier for your business you should be looking to the offered service response times and if they are not adequate to your requirements, you should negotiate better terms.

Only at this stage will you be ready to conclude any transaction on hire photocopiers, but if there are any uncertainties you might have be safe and talk to a few users of the machine you have decided on.